At Pool and Associate, we continue to go beyond the expectations of a traditional CPA firm. Our associates are dedicated to serving your accounting needs. By using the latest in technology and continued training, we are able to serve the distinctive needs of our clients while maintaining the highest quality of service our clients deserve.

We offer a variety of services, with our focus on tax preparation and planning, but there is so much more that we can do. Our firm provides a full range of technical and personal services for our clients. Pool and Associate facilitate businesses and organizations of all sizes, including start-up businesses, family-owned businesses, large corporations, private individuals, public agencies, and non-profit organizations.

Income Tax Planning and Preparation

By preparing hundreds of tax returns a year, Pool and Associate know how to help you maximize your hard-earned dollars. We monitor changes in tax law, use the information to prepare your tax returns, and serve as an advocate in all tax matters. Financial Planning and Management We use our years of financial knowledge to help you prepare for the future. We can help analyze investments, choose the right investments, and give strategies to make better investments. Our associates also help with financial management to help you control your expenses.

Record Keeping and Financial Statements

Running a business can be stressful, but with the help of Pool and Associate, we can make it easier. We make it our business to understand what your business needs to be successful. Our associates can assist you in choosing and implementing systems and procedures that will contribute to the success of you company. Estate Planning and Gift Taxing It is important to know that everything is in order save the “what ifs” in life. Pool and Associate can help you plan for the unknown. Donating to charities and other organizations are important, and we can help you plan the contributions for the year.


Many people are investing to help supplement their retirement or income. We can help make the by reviewing your ideas and investments, helping you figure out the tax impact and much more.

Business Problem Solving and Profit Planning

Running a successful business can be daunting and many time problems arise. Our associates can help you work through some of the financial questions. We can also help with payroll, loan applications, organization and structure, and other accounting procedures. Another part owning and running a business is profit. We can help you plan what to expect in profit while figuring how to increase your profit.