Pool and Associate, Chartered offers a full range of public accounting services in the Emporia area. We have developed into one of the leading CPA firms in the Emporia area. While we focus mainly on tax preparation, many of our clients seek help in other areas. The staff of Pool and Associate provides our clients with a full range of technical and personal services that include:

Our clients include private businesses of all sizes, including start-up companies, family-owned businesses, and large corporations. Our associates also work with:

  • Private Individuals
  • Public Agencies
  • Non-Profit Organization

We are here to serve our clients in the best possible way, and welcome the opportunities to serve the public.

Our staff consists of highly trained and certified CPAs, which continue to go beyond what is expected from a CPA firm. Our continued training allows our associates to keep current with the unique services that our clients expect. Our firm is equipped with the latest technology that meets all the needs of our clients. With our combined years of experience, we strive to maintain and be the leading accounting firm in the Emporia area.

Since serving the community is such a large part of what we do at Pool and Associate, we play an active role in the Emporia community. The Emporia community can find our associates serving on boards, aiding in other civic organizations, and helping church organizations. We believe in our community and country, and feel that Emporia and the surrounding areas should be our priority.

We serve our clients accurately, promptly and with the upmost respect by maintaining their privacy in all matters. We feel that explanations and advice are as important as the actual tax preparation and bookkeeping that we do for our clients. We strive to help you understand and manage your financial affairs better.

Integrity and honesty has always been a trademark of our firm, and in a world of transitions, we endeavor to serve our clients the best we can to meet there needs both professionally and personally. Our associates, at Pool and Associate, want to help you succeed in any endeavors that you try, and will support you in any way we can to see you succeed in those undertakings. If you would like more information or would like to schedule a meeting with one of our associates, please call our offices to set up an appointment.